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5 Must Have Baby Clothing Items

· Baby Care

More and more, I am being asked by first time parents to help pick out clothes and must have baby items for their soon to arrive bundle of joy. I decided to share below some of the items I found to be must have for my own bundle of joy…

1. Onesies, onesies, & onesies​

Onesie - must have baby clothing
  • Onesies turned out to be the clothing item that I continue to need for my baby from newborn into the toddler years.
  • I’ve used onesies for regular wear in the house, as undergarments to layer during outings or cold weather period, and as “cool off” clothes during warm weather.
  • Be sure to find 100% cotton onesies like these Gerber ones I got.

2. Sleepsack​

  • Sleepsacks are very convenient especially during the first weeks with baby when ensuring optimal temperature for the baby is important.
  • I liked the Halo Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle because it served both as a sleepwear and a swaddle.
3. Footed Sleep & Play Wear
  • Similar to the Sleepsack, the footed sleep and play baby clothes are very convenient especially during the times when babies nap a lot during the day.
  • They can sleep comfortably in the same “play” clothes they are wearing saving momma/daddy the task of changing the baby to sleep clothes.
  • I liked these Simple Joy by Carters footed sleep and play. If you can find the ones that also have the hand covering, even better to help with the baby scratching.
4. Swaddle Blankets
  • Ahh Swaddle blankets! There were times when the only way to get my baby to sleep would be only when she was tightly swaddled.
  • I loved the Sleepy Sheepy swaddle blanket because they are made with 100% organic cotton, and very versatile in use. I have used them as receiving blankets, stroller cover, and so many other ways. I wouldn’t leave the house without them.
5. Receiving Blankets
  • Please please use receiving blankets for your baby, especially during the newborn days.
  • Baby’s skin are very sensitive and remember that their immune systems take a while to develop. Using receiving blankets will help minimize their exposure to germs and the abrasive chemicals on adult clothes.
  • I used these Luvable Friends Unisex blankets as receiving blankets especially when visitors came by, as surface cover during tummy time, as extra cover during doctor visits, etc.

Obviously there are so many more items you will need for your baby but these were ones I found I absolutely must have. If interested in my baby registry items, let me know in the comments below and I’d be happy to share!